Is your voice scratchy? Have you been to an ENT? Does he recommend voice therapy? If so, we are capable in providing you the therapy that’s needed to improve your voice quality.

Voice disorders have an effect on individuals regarding their self-images. Voice disorders have various forms of etiology. Most are related to vocal abuse. Some are related to medical reasons and some may be due to psychological reasons. However, most can be treated with therapy as a remediation process. All diagnoses require a medical diagnosis from an ENT before any therapy is provided.

Most cases involve vocal hygiene techniques and diaphragmatic breathing. Voice therapy is effective in the treatment of hoarseness for children and adults. Voice therapy is the first line of treatment for vocal nodules, cysts, or polyps that appear in people who have vocally intense jobs such as teachers, lawyers or clergy. Children active in sports can be vocally active and acquire these lesions.

Vice therapy consists of 1 – 2 sessions a week for 6 – 8 weeks. Therapy consists of techniques to improve vocal hygiene, use diaphragmatic breathing, and production of a functional pitch that will ensure remediation of the vocal fold. Therapy maybe provided post-surgery to improve vocal hygiene or before surgery to reduce the size of the lesion present on the folds.

A visit to an ENT is required because we want to being with a full diagnosis of why you required that voice conditions. We work closely with ENTs to improve vocal quality.

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