Do your kids need a language evaluation followup?

  1. Does your child play sports that a concussion may have occurred – soccer, football, hockey?
  2. Has your child been having difficulty with reading?
  3. Has your child been having difficulty with reading comprehension?
  4. Does your child have difficulty organizing his/her thoughts – verbally or in writing?
  5. Is your older child having difficulty using more complex sentence forms in written language?
  6. Does your child have difficulty with word problems in math?
  7. Does your child have problems following verbal commands in the classroom?
  8. If your child has had a sports related concussion what has your follow up been and who referred you to follow up?
  9. Have you seen a neurologist or neuropsychologist for a sports related head injury?

Always remember, language is the most critical aspect of learning. Without a good language foundation, the learning process is always in jeopardy.

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