My Philosophy

My therapy base is through play therapy, experiential learning and written context as we use social patterns in language. A true natural approach is utilized. Play is incorporated for younger children to enhance language development. All therapy is contextual — in older children 5 and up, therapy is related to books, art, and storytelling. I use age appropriate literature and see to their development through art and storytelling. Parents take part in the therapy sessions.

We love working with children! Our clinic setting will make your child feel comfortable. We make it a point to understand your child, teen, or young adult and will motivate your child to succeed.

We try our very best to relate well to our families and make every effort to meet their needs. We focus on team building strategies with both family and school. We recognize you are the expert on your child! We need your insight. We also need you to be our partner to help carry on the therapy at home when we are not there. Most importantly, we also make every effort to be approachable so you feel comfortable communicating with us. You will participate in your child’s therapy session so it seamlessly interfaces with you at home.

The parent is always involved in each speech and language therapy session and will follow through with these activities at home. With younger children speech and language therapy is based on play. With older children speech and language therapy is based on the context of their experiences.

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