Background and Approach

Jill Feldbaum’s Professional Background: “I have over 40 years as a speech pathologist. During my early career I was a school based speech and language pathologist but I have been in private practice for over 30 years, highlighting pediatrics as well as adult services. However, my primary interest has always been language therapy; specifically developmental delays of speech and language as well as autism spectrum disorder. During my whole career, I have worked with adults and children with Autism Spectrum as well as developmental delays of speech and language. I have a base of expertise in disorders of voice and fluency disorders. My present area of expertise includes language based disorders with young people.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree – Temple University; Master of Arts Degree – George Washington University, ASHA-CCC

Approach: Patient Involvement is key to the process, so the parent is present in all therapy sessions. A true natural language approach model is used in all therapy sessions with the addition of literature that is age appropriate.

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