Philadelphia: 8100 Roosevelt Blvd #202, Philadelphia, PA 19152

South Jersey: 1000 White Horse Rd #510, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043

If any of the following questions describes you or your child, please contact our main office.

Jill Feldbaum and Philly Speech Therapy serve the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. We always welcome new patients!

  • Is your child 2-3 years old and not speaking?
  • Is your child 3 years old and not understood by others?
  • Does your child have difficult organizing his or her thoughts through either spoken or written language?
  • Does your child have poor eye contact?
  • Does your child shy away from social situations with other kids?
  • Do they have difficulty understanding what he or she reads?
  • Do adults or other children have difficulty understanding what your child says?
  • As a parent do you have to constantly translate what he or she is saying?
  • Has your child of any age been diagnosed on the autism spectrum?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with any reading or learning difficulties?
  • Does your child receive speech therapy in school but still need additional therapy?

Does your child play sports? Has he or she ever experienced a head injury or had a concussion? If so, please refer to information on our subpage. We are able to handle these young athletes at our office and help parents and schools determine guidelines for the most effective treatment.

Adults are welcome at this facility as well. Speech therapy services are provided to adults with voice disorders, disorders of fluency (stuttering) and neurological defects caused by stroke, head trauma, andother acquired or congenital neurological disorders.

We have been serving clients since 1982.

Jill Feldbaum, MA, CCC, SLP, affiliated with ASHA, PSHA, NJSHA


Don’t forget to sign up for summer speech therapy! It’s important to continue services during the summer months.